A new chapter

Dear Anne, You must be excited to be leaping into a new phase without any shackles. I’m excited for you and hope you take this time to dig into, mentally and emotionally, what your next steps are for your short term and long term plans. I cant request this of you to do. I can…

Throwing a bakeoff competition

Dear Anne, Im excited to hear about your trip to London and Amsterdam. Did you revisit any nostalgic spots? Please tell me you went to Kipferl or Azzou?! I wanted to let you know that I returned to my event planning roots at my office. I organized and hosted a bakeoff to jumpstart some school…

Rx: Food in moderation

What the Whole30 taught me and how I now have lessened my dependence on mindless eating.

In sickness and in health

Dear Katherine,

I know. It’s been a while (around six months to be exact) since we last wrote a letter or recipe to each other. I’ve been sick and wanted to share my thoughts & feelings. So here they are. Sorry it’s so long! Thanks for bearing with me. Love always, Anne

Lux truffle oil fries

Today we are rethinking those decadent treats one indulges in during the holidays and snow days. We’re putting the oven on bake and creating some handcrafted truffle fries with cheese and garlic.