A foodie adventure awaits us

Hi Anne,

I’m really excited to be a part of this journey with you. I am half afraid this will sound super cheesy, but it’s my nature to pile on the corn. I wanted to respond to your email earlier about the paragraph of sharing this “food baby,” but this letter may be a better way to ignite our project and its purpose (and to shed a little light on us ☺).

I totally agree, partner in crime, 50/50 and friends and family first. I’m more excited to see where this journey takes us and how many people and new dishes we can reach and taste! What is food without good company?

Of course we can all eat good food, but I reckon it’s a lot better when you are with people you can share a laugh with. On the opposite side, poor tasting food can be that much better with good company. It’s all perspective and environment; I can’t wait to learn more about us and the great dishes and people we meet from Cadillac Mountain to the Gulf Coast to the Badlands to the San Andreas Fault.

When we met in London (and then became roommates) I was so fortunate. We had such a great time sharing our foodie love with our other two awesome flatmates and we were equally as adventurous when we traveled to other cities and countries. I know you didn’t care too much for the cricket ice cream. In all honesty, it could have been way better (maybe that venture needs to take a cue from Halo Top on how to pack in the protein). Anyway, it may be a while until we are face to face in Austin in early September, but until then I will do my share and then some to make this a success!

I can’t wait for you to introduce to me more awesome dishes like the affogato. And it is one of my personal missions to get you to appreciate cantaloupe and prosciutto by the end…whenever that maybe.

I’m sure we will get into some food feuds because there are multiple versions and intricacies of dishes across the US. I’m not about to tout that east coast is beast coast, but we can hold our own in the taco-sphere. But just remember, you’ve got nothing on us when it comes to bagels!

I’m really looking forward to how we can push the boundaries and communicate our love of food, family and good company through many different interactive digital mediums. Virtual collaboration may be our one big hurdle as we are on opposite sides of the country, but that will make our message all the more personal, communicative and informative. I’m excited to delve into a food culture rarely touched in two ways—the dynamic perspective of two viewpoints uniting food lovers one fork, spoon and knife at a time—and about all the cool techie ways we can communicate to each other and everyone else.

I think one of our first videos together will need to be how to make those magical, fairy-like (in size) Welsh pancakes! Looking forward to trying unusual, delectable dishes from across our great country USA!


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  1. Stuart says:

    Great concept. Good luck.

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