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Dear Katherine,

I wasn’t sure whether to stick to letter format or to address it in my usually casual way – where I would say something sort of along the lines of, “Hey Katherine! (insert tons of Bitmojis; minimum of six) You beautiful human heart, you!” – Yeah. I decided to stick to the former opener just to be safe, you know, for starters (gotta wet the appetite with the appetizers before jumping straight into the main meal). Haha. I’m so glad we’re both so cheesy… I mean, isn’t it grate? Don’t groan, I know you love our punny jokes. We will have to attend the O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships someday, one day. And it will be oh so pun pun pun. Okay? Okay! 😀

First and foremost, I consider myself very fortunate to have met you in London and to call you my friend. Secondly, I’m beyond excited that we’re both foodies on the same (recipe) page. I don’t know if you know this, but I think you just get me and we click. Plus, you make my literary heart happy so there’s that. Anyway, I know that I can get pretty distracted at times, but you are like a lighthouse on the east coast – a beacon (or bacon lol) of light – guiding ships to safer shores.

Remember when we used to watch all of the food and cake channels in London? One of the reasons I love baking so much is that it focuses me on the task at hand and it’s super therapeutic. In the same way, I find that writing has always served well in honing my thoughts and feelings – as an individual with too many facets unknown – it’s helped me to process my ideas and really express and articulate them in digestible form. I truly hope we can reach people who are not only hungry for food, but whose love for food match their love for well written words too. I think some of the best times I’ve had were sharing meals with the people with whom I felt accepted, appreciated and loved. And when I think back to those little moments of happiness, there’s always eating, drinking and conversation involved. I think food, friends and family really make life worth (literally) living.

Alright, so pause with me KOS! 

For our five fans reading this, I want to take this time slot here to extend a warm welcome to my site! Haha, just kidding, OUR, KatherAnne’s site (by the way, “KOS” is what I call Katherine from time to time). This “food baby” site of ours may seem like your conventional food blog for now, but trust us, it’s an evolutionary and revolutionary progressive passion project. The food market in general is just over-saturated with recipes, blogs about restaurants, reviews, best (and worst) foods to eat and places to visit, but I’m here to tell you… that we’re no different! JK. We’re different… sort of. And unique, for sure. But I’m not going to tell you how because that’s no fun. You’ll just have to stick around long enough to find out! Hahahaha~ Or not. It’s all up to you to decide whether you like us or not. After all, food and tastes are all very subjective, and we may not be everybody’s cup of tea. And that’s okay. We love you food no matter what. But if you crave something out of the ordinary, like a fresh perspective or some insight from across the states, we’re here with open arms. 

Back to the letter… let’s get to the dessert first.

I know we both love to write (I so admire your writing style). And I know we both love food (obviously). But the one place where we may differ is on CAKES & PIES. Or should I say CAKES versus PIES?! If I recall from living with you in London, you used to eat frosting out of the jar! I could not do that lol. I get that cake can be moist and fluffy and there are a variety of ways to decorate it all fancy and all, but don’t discredit the fact that pies are just as delightful (if not more) in my opinion. Let me just tell you about this pie I had yesterday that reminded me of our time in London. 

The set up – get ready for short story time:

I was in Old Town Orange, meeting with some old friends in the historic district. We were looking for a dessert place when we noticed this little hole in the wall, well it was more like a hole in the corner, shop. I was confused because it was The Pie Hole LA and it’s usually only found in Los Angeles, but they must’ve branched out into Orange County! Naturally, I was delighted, maybe more ecstatic that The Pie Hole LA was in OC.

I’ve always wanted to visit so we went in to order a slice of sweet pie. They had the regular pies like mom’s apple crumble, salted caramel pecan, among others, but one in particular caught my eye, The Earl Grey Pie. It apparently appealed to my friend too because she asked about it to the cashier and they mentioned it was one of the more popular pies. It made sense because pie is pretty American and it’s not everyday that you see Earl Grey pie. Earl Grey just sounds so proper, so regal, so British; so we had to try it. I don’t think I ever saw that flavor in England either, so it was simply interesting seeing that flavour (now I’m writing in British English, jolly good) at the Pie Hole. We ordered that Earl Grey pie and I snapped some photos of it for you… but the kicker here is that –  as I took that first bite (in slo-mo might I add) and before the forkful of English Earl Grey tea flavour hit my mouth, I tasted (drumroll please) pistachios! It’s my nut!

Remember that question you asked me, “IF YOU WERE A NUT, WHAT KIND OF NUT WOULD YOU BE?” I’m a pistachio! And it was a pistachio(s), on an Earl Grey (clearly, British) pie! Do you see all of the connections?! You better recognize! How could I not freak out? It was perfect how it just happened on the evening of our site’s launch day.

The taste of Great Britain, U.S.A.’s motherland and the place where we first met, was literally bursting with pride in America and my tastebuds were tingling, overjoyed at the fact that these flavors actually meshed so well together. It was soft, creamy, not too strong or overpowering like an over-steeped tea, and the thin chocolate layer at the bottom of the crust brought it all together and tipped it over the edge. It was a perfect slice of pie (visually, in consistency and taste) that reminded me of our time in England. And between the three of us friends, we cleaned that pie tin it came in. I felt so full and happy; like I was led to this moment here to come full circle, in the Orange Circle at the Pie Hole LA.


Now for the final course of this meaty letter of a meal to you… how excited are you for Texas in September?! On a scale from one to ten, i’m at one hundred. All jokes aside, I really cannot wait to eat ALL OF THE BBQ in Austin, TX. And I’m bringing my cowgirl boots and hat too (checkered flannel shirts optional, but I know you own at least one, so bring it girl, yee~haw). I have a ton of ideas for Texas, including possible video food or BBQ challenges we could do which sound really cool in my brain that I’m hoping is equally as awesome in real life. 

I cannot wait to collaborate on who does what foods best, from coast to coast. I’d like to discuss in detail about ALL OF THE FOODS from pizza to burritos to tacos to bagels… And I think you might be right on the bagels – I have seen a lot of N.Y. Bagels and Brooklyn Bagels here in California, but I don’t think there are any CA Bagels out there in the east coast lol. Are there? Anyway, have a happy Fries-day! Great. Now I’m craving some fries.

Truly excited for our future ventures and awesome adventures,


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  1. Joy says:

    That Earl Grey pie looks pretty “taste-tea” if you ask me!


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