A scarce commodity and hot real estate: Your time and your tummy when it comes to relationships

Hi Anne,

I wanted to let you know that on the other end of the relationship spectrum—the single side—it is just as frustrating, disappointing and exhausting.

My parents always have joked that you “have to kiss a lot of frogs.” Thank goodness for this blog because I’m so thankful to be kissing actual food indulgences that make me happy. These appetizing plates are so much more enjoyable and offer me a new experience that tingle all my emotions making me want to come back and keep trying!

Food has certainly not let me down as much as humans. Like you alluded, both are complex relationships. In some manners, they can be hazardous to health and physical well being, addictive, an emotional outlet. And on the other side they offer an adventure, an homage to art and creativity, change—you get the gist.

I went to this restaurant Emma. It had great food and featured dishes with an Argentinian fusion, which I’m not clear what that means because I though a fusion involved at least two components like MediterAsian. Anywho, we were seated near the window overlooking the street. Once we were served water the other two tables had finished, paid and left. We were the only table in the place between lunch and dinner hours. we had the whole place to ourselves for the duration of our dinner. We decided to start with the guacamole for an appetizer. Sadly, there was no guac. They ran out.

It was disappointing. I was excited for it from this place. We ordered our main dishes. All was fine until the waitress came back and said there was no dressing for mom’s Argentinian-style cobb salad. So after switching to another entree we waited for the food. Even though it was disappointing to be informed on more than one occasion that menu items were not being served, the food that was available was great. It busted with intense flavours. I had a kale filled crepe with a butternut squash puree that floated in a delicate bechamel bath. The kale was soft and tender and coated in the light sweetness of the butternut squash. It was a sweeter main dish, but the two crepes were plentiful. I did wish the brie was more pronounced. It just laid in one long rectangular chunk across the top of each crepe. Maybe if cinnamon or a smoke to the brie would have enhanced its presence. If it were left off, I wouldn’t have even noticed a difference in flavor.


vegetables, crepe, sweet entree
The veggie crepe in all it’s creamy glory. Crepes stuffed with cooked kale and a butternut squash crepe and drenched in a cremoso bechamel. A few almonds and brie for a crunch and extra creaminess.

My dad had the brisket Bolognese with thick fettuccine. It was hearty and delicious like a good Italian pasta dish. Mom ordered another salad—arugula with fresh salmon. It was light, fresh and not fishy at all.

fettuccine pasta, Argentinian food, fusion food, tomatoes
The brisket Bolognese pasta dish with thickly shave parmigiano cheese slices.

It was a good meal in good company but it was odd that so many ingredients weren’t available and only one other group of guests came in. It was upsetting because it had such unique and creative flavors and the restaurant next door, the chain It’s Greek To Me was quite busy. It’s sad because I wouldn’t be shocked if this place closed in six months to one year. I’m sure It’s Greek To Me will still be standing.


It’s really sad how those chains survive when right next door for comparable prices you get a new experience and opportunity to try new takes on cuisine. I think my main take away is that don’t be like a chain restaurant. Don’t get complacent or give up on communicating and discovering new grounds in your relationships for the better and working through your problems or in my case “kiss some frogs.” Instead, explore that new restaurant because it’s sure to give you a fresh, new perspective on the food experience and maybe will nudge you to see the ingredients a little differently because your time and tummy are valuable.

I think I told you about the book Attached by Amir Levine. It’s a quick read that can help those in relationships or affected by one to understand what and how they act. Also, I thought your recommendation on The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman was an insightful read. I’m not in a relationship, but it is good fodder for the future. I think it boils down to awareness. Awareness of yourself and being true and open to your needs, wants, likes and dislikes and awareness of your partner and his tendencies. Like we try recipes, we try at love and to make it work. Ingredients vary and it only takes the simplest and smallest change to a measurement to make a batter that is uniquely yours.

As I mentioned in my first post and earlier in this post (phew, it’s been a long one!), good company makes the food experience better. I’m not sure one person can’t completely sour the taste of the meal, but the experience, yes. Also, it got me thinking how so many dates revolve around food.

  • Is it because we can pause conversations and swallow down awkward moments?
  • Or you get a better glimpse into the character/likes due to a person’s food choice?
  • Or because food won’t let us down as frequently as humans?

Whatever the reason, food sort-of, kind-of let me down this time around. No, actually it was those in charge of the food—the humans!

Ciao for now.


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