The morning blend

Morning Anne!

Even though it is brunch time over here, I suspect that it’ll be morning over there by the time you have a cuppa’ and a skim of this note.

My brother is picky too! I have to admit that he has become better and more adventurous when it comes to trying foods. I have been under the same curse as you since I was born. That one where I will try anything and have yet to have met (wordy, but it has a cute rhyme) a food that has made me swear off an ingredient. It’s a happy curse, but I wish I could wrangle in my absolute curiosity for food to have some self-control and will power. I’m definitely a lady who lives to eat and not one who eats to live. It gets me into trouble because I overdue it. **Sigh** Although, I wouldn’t want to trade my adventurous taste buds just to gain more will power. Don’t worry; I won’t be making a pact with Ursula anytime soon.

Your posts of those acai bowls are so colorful and inviting! They got me thinking of the smoothies I used to make every day. Thanks to your inspiration I began to get back in the groove.

I keep my concoctions simple because the more ingredients the more of a chore a simple shake is supposed to be. I normally always do spinach as my main green because it has a more neutral flavor than say kale and blends really nicely in my four year old NutriBullet. If you don’t even like the light flavor of spinach, I always suggest throwing a banana in because the banana flavor is overpowering and masks the spinach. Sometimes those are the two ingredients Ill do, but yesterday I did spinach, pineapple, banana and ice. I blended that and added a chopped date, chia seeds and a garnish. Chubby was sniffing away at that glass as I was trying to snap a photo.

Today, we had some leftover watermelon that had seen fresher days, so I decided to take watermelon and lime juice and blend it with some ice. IT wasn’t bad. I suspect it would taste a little better with a perfectly ripe watermelon. Nonetheless, I garnished it with the usual’s, chia, dates and this time a slice of a banana. As I was squeezing the lime into the blender, I was wondering about the other pairing limes compliment and I instantly thought of guacamole.

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Yes, guac. I thought about experimenting with a green guacamole smoothie. Ok, hear me out. I am all for savory breakfasts, and I will always lobby for breakfast for dinner! I think this concoction could work. I haven’t looked up any recipes or possibilities, but spinach, avocado, lime, cilantro will work. I don’t know if I want to add tomatoes. I’d have to experiment with the color of the smoothie. I don’t want it to be brown. I’d also think about adding sweet bell peppers over Serrano peppers. I’m confident this can be accomplished. Thoughts?

Fries from a burger joint in Iceland.
Sweet potato fries with a nice crispy edged lightly covered in Nutella sauce, confectioner’s sugar and some crushed nuts. Verdict is still out on what type of nut because I can’t remember.

To end this one another sweet note, I managed to get some fries. Albeit, they are from last August when we were in Iceland, but they were those amazing sweet potato fries drizzled in Nutella and a sprinkle of sugar and some kind of nut. I’m guessing peanut or hazelnut. Yum. They were good and surprisingly not a sugary sweet overload for an appetizer that ruined the taste of the burger I had after that.

Ciao for now,


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