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So good to hear from you! I loved the title of your last post—it’s very red, white and blue. I think it captured the context of the holiday week and your words so well. Gosh, have you had to explain our foodie concept to anyone? I have and people get excited over it, but its funny as I’m giving the elevator pitch all I can think of is Pacman eating all these awesome dishes across a map of the U.S. That is all I want to do in the near future: be a gorging yellow dot making her way across America bite by bite.

Alas, I have not had the pleasure of extensively traveling in a while, so I’m keeping my features in this post next door. Since you mentioned your Italian excursion, I will keep this Mediterranean sphere of influence and tell you about my tapas adventure.

At the request and recommendation of my friend Anna, who you met via Facetime not so long ago, we headed to Socarrat. It is a Spanish-style, paella and tapas bar that features some tasty drink and nibbles.

We arrived for happy hour because certain drinks (like the refreshingly light guava sangria) and all tapas were half off if you sat at the hightop/bar. We made it there on the dot at the top of the first hour. We ordered four tapas dishes and a dessert. I was just too stuffed to give into my friend’s relentless coaxing to order a shareable paella. I’m ever so slightly kicking myself because I cant comment on that. I wish I could’ve because of the few paellas I’ve had at restaurants they were not very memorable…I would like to be delighted by a flavorful paella that makes me want to ask for more Spanish food instead of my Italian roots. But back to the food I did get to eat!

Tapas dish one: datiles

Dates wrapped in bacon with valdeon cheese stuffed inside and stabbed with a toothpick to hold all the flavors and juiciness inside. This was my favorite. I’m sure you know that. I have no more words.

Socarrat date
Dates wrapped with bacon and filled with cheese.

Tapas dish two: pulpo a la gallega

The octopus was tasty. Definitely tender and massaged well. The potatoes were cut into slice and acted as a nice bed between the octopus and paprika oil. Nothing was too oily or seafood-y. Id recommend this dish. It was better than the shrimp, which happened to be a little chewy.

socarrat octopus
Octopus and potatoes in oil. What is better?!

Tapas dish three: alcachofas fritas

If I see dates, artichokes or avocado, I always reread the dish on the menu! This one didn’t disappoint. The fried artichokes were crispy and the lemon caper remoulade accented the fried crispiness with much needed tang and fat.

Socarrat artichokes
The fried artichokes!

Tapas dish four: gambas al ajillo

I was disappointed with this shrimp dish. The shrimpies were over cooked. It was such a simple dish in flavor and could’ve been really successful. Oh well, maybe they spent too much attention on the octopus. The saving grace was the bread because I still dipped it into the olive oil, garlic and guindilla pepper mixture the shrimpies were sautéed in. Yum! Bread and olive oil you can never go wrong!

Socarrat shrimp
The shrimp bathing in spicy oil. The oil–I’d go back for that!

Dessert: tarta de queso y peras

A very light cheesecake decorated with pears having bathed in red wine and caramelized walnuts. It wasn’t the sweetest of desserts, but it was well formulated. I should just always go for the chocolate option so then Ill never be disappointed! Right, Anne?

Socarrat cheesecake
A light cheesecake dressed with pears and walnuts.

Drink: guava sangria

Delicious. End of story. There needs to be more of this on other sangria menus.

Socarrat guava
The cava guava sangria. Need I say more?

There are four locations in New York City, so wherever you may be in the city, you are probably closer to one than you think. However, no matter where you turn, you’ll find an inventive place to sit down and munch.

Ciao for now,




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bryan says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. Was on a quick trip to NYC and thanks to you we were able to enjoy the paella bar at Soccarat


  2. Bryan says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. Was on a quick trip to NYC and thanks to you we were able to enjoy the paella bar at Soccarat


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