True California classic style burritos, burgers and the beach

Dear Katherine,

It’s been a good week since I last posted and it’s because of local travel (wedding shenanigans LA to SD), busy-ness of small business (OC to LA) and just my crazy life (all over the place right now lol). I promise to be better about posting, I’ll get into the groove of things. I’m glad I have you as my accountability friend to write letters to and bounce back wonderful thoughts and ideas to too! 🙂

[Real quickly, that image up top is a large $5 burrito delivered straight to starving me at a wedding, thanks to Uber Eats! I know, I cannot believe that massive thing drenched in sauce and cheese is only five bucks and it was delivered straight to me because I was so hungry during my friend’s wedding. Because the day was filled with bridesmaid duties, it was pretty busy and I had no time to eat so I snuck a burrito in to eat. It was shredded beef and beans and cheese encased inside this whole tortilla smothered in pure heaven. It made me appreciate what UberEats is doing for humanity and hungry people all over]. LOL THANK YOU UBER EATS – UBER EATS – UBER EATS!]!

First off, I love that you enjoy wine as much as I do. And your wine tasting from your last post sounds a lot more sober than my own fine wine time at my friend’s bachelorette wine tasting session. Also, that homemade hummus sounds incredible. Do you recall back in London when you made some homemade hummus for us girls with those chickpeas of yours?! I remember devouring it all within one sitting because luckily Colleen or you saved some for me… I just know I was the last one to try it, but there was just enough and I was so grateful to have a taste. I’m so thankful to have tried that hummus of yours! Can we say, #BLESSED!?! Haha. Lastly, after seeing those images of that burrito with all the cheesy gooey goodness spilling out of it, I need to try that. Rockin’ Raw is now on my bucket list of places I need to go and food I must taste.

In other news. I have to tell you about this place called Chandler’s in Carlsbad. I highly recommend it. It’s right by the beach and we had two free food vouchers, so naturally, we took advantage of this and indulged ourselves. It’s either eat from the breakfast menu or get $10 off the regular menu meals so we had one of each. Directly below is the breakfast menu medley I picked and chose myself. The Cali breakfast burrito for brunch was off the regular menu; it was worth every bite of savory and delightful burrito-ness from the beaches of California. **They also have live music (real cool band)!**

My medley of foods I plated for brunch is pictured here. I wanted a combination of both sweet and savory, so I grabbed the custard pastry with fruits along with a bagel and lox with capers. I also grabbed the gluten free coconut chia pudding with blueberries which was smooth and very neutral tasting, but deliciously nutty in its coconut flavor. 
This is the California breakfast burrito for brunch. It’s got a tasty medley of things that bursts with flavor when you bite down on it. It’s got spinach, eggs, guacamole, tomatoes and of course, it wouldn’t be a California burrito without the classic french fries. 
I loved these plates. I love white plates and this one just spoke to me. I have something similar to this design/style of plates at home too. CR stands for Cape Rey – That’s where Chandler’s is located. It’s local, coastal and 100% delightful.
The Cali burrito came with a spicy salsa with roasted potatoes and a side of fruit. 
Just look at this close up of the texture of this phenomenal creation that is the Cali burrito. 

After our beautiful breakfast/brunch with a view of the beach, we walked across to the beach and caught some waves and swam in the warm water. Everything screams summer in California. I got super tan. It was really perfect. I’ve deeply missed the sunshine and the surf and the burritos so much whilst living abroad in London. It just felt so good to be back home and it really made me appreciate the meal that much more. Ya feel me?

When we returned back to Los Angeles from our weekend in San Diego, we had to grab some old school burgers and fries from The Apple Pan!

So, I don’t know if you have one of these kinds of restaurants, but LA is known to have some really old timey food joints like The Apple Pan. Its been around since the late 40s (opened in 1947) and has been around ever since. It’s one of LA’s oldest operating restaurants under the same management since 1947. Their cash register is literally one of those old registers – and it’s a cash only joint because they don’t have card readers. It’s so old school that people have to stand and wait for seats at the counter. It’s in a U-shaped counter and the food is prepped in the center arena.

They have the best apple pies (and pecan pie) and the burgers are to die for. It’s like, the classic juicy burger… basically what an all-American burger should be – tasty and savory and dripping with everything mouth-wateringly delicious. A lot of celebrities dine here too.


Pictured below is both the Hickoryburger and the Steakburger (two of the most popular burgers served here at The Apple Pan). The Hickoryburger features a special hickory sauce, while the Steakburger comes with a trademark hamburger relish.

Steakburger and fries with a classic Coca Cola in a can
Close up of the juicy meat that is the steakburger
This is the Hickoryburger
The Hickoryburger glistening in all its glory, smothered in homemade sauce in the sun
Hickoryburger catching some California rays

Not sure if that was overkill in images of my food, but I really want you to see the crispness of the lettuce and onions mixed with the ooey-gooey cheesiness of the American cheese along with the juicy goodness of the meat and classic burger buns. This place is the real deal. It’s such a toss up between this place for a classic burger, old school style, versus In In Out (which is also a classic burger, old school style)… but their burger sauces are both so drastically different in taste and flavoring, that there can be no comparison. They’re equally delicious and equally amazing in burger quality and caliber – and I’m awfully proud that they’re both Californian (CALI PRIDE).

Anywho, those are the two main places I wanted to tell you about. And I can’t wait to share more on some super meaty recipes I tried (both on a pan and in a croc pot) which I’ll share soon. Until then, I can’t wait to hear your adventures in the east coast beast/feast coast! Keep nom nom nommin’ on.

Talk to you soon,

Anne 🙂


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