A tasty churro, redefining savory snacks and DIY taco shells

Hi Anne,

I made it to the churro place in midtown Manhattan. It was quite delicious, but I wasn’t able to finish it because it was a lot of fried dough and sticky sweetness that clung to my stomach. I have to say I think that was my first time consuming a churro outside of “fair” grounds. Usually, I just think of a churro of another cultures version of fried dough. The beignet, zeppole, funnel cake–you name it–I’ve tried it while putzing down the boardwalk, but I do like the churro’s ridged edges. I think it allows for extra crispiness. I just taking a guess here, but maybe more surface area within the ridges allows for more crunch?

Well, before we get into math/chemistry class, I’d like to note that I had an affogato ice cream and dipping sauce accompany the churro. I couldn’t not get it! I had to because of you! The young lady who helped me order suggested I get the matcha flavored option because it would take a better picture for the blog, but my gut was telling me to stick to what I knew I should do.

Since you know I have some (BASIC) skills in the kitchen, I have been cultivating plans to experiment more based on my knowledge. I have been really curios to crate taco shells out of cheese, and I finally attempted it. My dad was a fan and I used the leftover burger meat, tomatoes and other toppings we had for the taco. It was like a cheeseburger taco leftover brunch. On top of that, I decided to experiment with sweet hummus.

I made a “foundation” sweet hummus and from that one I split the batch with different sweet additions. I choose to do cinnamon for one and dates for another. Both were quite delicious and I hope I can blend some up for you soon. 🙂

Until the weekend when i experiment more.


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