Meat. It’s what’s for dinner.

Hey Katherine,

Tried making some tasty homecooked meats this week!

  • Tri-tip seasoned and seared in a pan
  • Pork ribs seasoned + bbq sauce + Pilsner beer as a base; slow-cooked in croc pot!

Below is the Tri-tip seasoned in simple garlic salt and garlic pepper; seared to perfection. It just sizzled in the pan and I covered it and then threw it atop some string green beans.

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Below are the pork ribs, slow cooked for six hours for best results! The meat literally falls off the bone and the beer tenderizes the meat and sauce and seasonings flavor the entire thing with goodness… I wanted to faint and die from how delicious this dish was. See the process/steps in the slideshow below.

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Check out some sizzlin’ videos below!

The tri-tip was simply seasoned with some himalayan salt and garlic & black pepper. Simplicity truly is the ultimate sophistication, and this dish proves it.

The pork ribs in the croc pot were originally set for three hours, but then to six hours for the best, savory and mouth-watering, meat-falling-off-the-bone deliciousness I’ve tasted!

I hope you can try these meat dishes. It’s so easy and so so delicious when you really want to eat meats and pack your proteins! I like to call myself an om-nom-nom-nivore rather than be either a carnivore or a herbivore lol. So OM (nom nom) NIVORE it is! 🙂

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