Causing friction between the states


Are you ready?! I’m asking if you are ready to go bite for bite??

I’ve been “having a think,” and we need to turn this Plate by State concept up a notch. Heck, I think we have to turn it up multiple notches.

I know you’re a busy bridal bee being a fabulous assistant, activity coordinator and cat herder, so when you’re done and have slept, let’s brainstorm in the coming week.

I’ve got some more thoughts and follow through to add to all your great ideas we chatted about via Facetime a couple weeks ago. Video, t-shirts, business cards, content calendar—the ideas are rolling around in my head. I’ve started thinking about what we need to do for our viewers and how they want to be involved.

I think our viewers want some food drama—a little friction between the states. I think we can make that happen with our honest, punny and personable foodie POV, fusion recipes based on rival states/cities and wearable/useable products.

I’m going to hit you back with a spotlight on some defining moments of my early years that made me a “foodie”. (I need a better label. Foodie is such an expansive label.) I also want to hit the greasiest and best roadside joints in the dirty jerz. Do you have any rivals in that health-conscious, green juice state? (I do love my green smoothies though…)

You’ve been warned! Start brainstorming and gear up for the food feud that is heating up. It’s time to throw down like McGregor and Mayweahter.

Get ready for the KO, baby! #feudingfoodies

I also just purchased a GoPro…YouTube we’re coming for you!

Ciao for now.


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