Tackling the merman & maid: How to bait their traits among the crowded surf of unicorns, galaxies and rainbows

Hey Anne!

I finally figured out how to make my mermaid musings come ashore into a doable and repeatable event theme. The abundant coverage of the unicorn, rainbow and galaxy themed foods was starting to wear on me. I recall I had lamented to you about why the mythical mermaid wasn’t properly being represented. Eventually, we’ve now seen her around Instagram, but still it is nothing like the wave of the unicorn, rainbow galaxy themes. Those three morphed into drinks, bagels, sweet treats, party favors and color palettes for marbleized cakes and icings. From my minimal perusing of social media the mermaid hasn’t received that much creativity and infusion into so many dishes.

If I’ve seen a cake it has a mermaid with a shell bra as decoration with the typical use of turquoise, teal, and seafoam green. Those colors and sculptures/renderings are surely representative of this imaginative creature, but crafters and artists are still missing the boat.

Where is the mermaid donut bra? The incorporation of sea glass, gems and pearls? Mermaid cream cheese for a lox bagel? Trident’s cocktail? The sandy cinnamon bun? Mermaid macaroon? Purple potato and shellfish salad? Mermaid avocado toast?

I had a brainstorm. I began to think what other elements are associated with the mermaid. Water, fish, coral reef, boats, nets, beach, sand, pelicans, crustaceans, shells, sea glass.

I thought of all these things because when I look at something I always like to break down the main fixture into its simpler components. You can read more about my thought processes on my Inspreneur blog. When I dove deeper into pondering sea glass, I decided to make some because that would be a lovely compliment to a mermaid theme. Before I go over board, my mind raced with making sea glass hard candies with chocolate pearls and containing them in crocheted twine goodie bags…what a cute accessory to a party.

Here’s how I made the edible sea glass.

At first I only considered using blue and green to make the glass, but when I realized the blue had all dried up. I resorted to try and incorporate yellow and I thought I could make orange with the red coloring. Then the coral reef popped into my head and I intended to make a yellow/red or orange sea glass pieces. That concoction didn’t quite happen as I frivolously added red and yellow to one of the sugar mixtures. It returned this reddish brown color, and immediately, I thought of beer bottles.

I realized that so much sea glass is from broken beer bottles. Dark browns and deep reds sunk into my mind as beer bottle sea glass is crafted into soft shards and I was so far away from the pretty blue hues of the magical mermaid. My beer bottle thought slope led to me think of men and that led me to the merman—and how that #beefcake has been totally neglected!

The merman is an integral part of the mermaid culture. How else would we have merpeople? I mean mermaids were never billed as Amazons, and King Trident was a handsome, burly, slightly lumberjack-esque, beaut. Now that I’ve laid the evidence for the existence of mermen (at least from my childhood mind), I’d like to detail how to make the merculture a coveted food theme.

My focus is on elevating the merman to at least the level of the mermaid. (Maybe Jason Momoa, Aquaman, would help us out…) I’ve thought of some ways to incorporate him and her into the oversaturated themed foodie world. The below is inspiration—I was really just spitballing. I have not experimented with these ideas.

Desserts/sweet treats:

Cupcakes: Icing that is swirled with blue, green and red-brown topped off with.


  • Bachelor/bachelorette, engagement, bridal shower, wedding affairs.
  • Cake carved into mermaid/merman body.
  • Mermaid, merman sculpture on top—together or separate.
  • For bachelorette parties—don’t forget his spear.

Icing/glaze: Any base of buttercream or cream chase with swirls of purple, green & blue.


  • Candied or fondant pebbles,
  • Sea glass,
  • Chocolate pearls,
  • Graham crackers,
  • Nilla wafer sand crumbs.

Ice cream:

  • Vanilla colored blue or green or both with chocolate pearls, sandy graham cracker crunchies eaten with spoons shaped like fins.
  • Mermaid mint chocolate chip with chocolate pearls.

Pie: Mermaid meringue.


Merman burger: Beef hamburger with a crab slaw and a pearly poached egg inside.
Merman sandwich: Crab cake wrapped in bacon.
Merman fish ‘n chips: Beer batter and with sea salt.


Merman Manhattan
Craft brew named after the merman. Bottles could be made with recycled sea glass…
Mermaid cocktails…easy to think of. Mermaid Mary with a garnish of a crabcake?


Mermaid salt: Rock salt, sea salt and/or have the salt stained with blues, purples, greens.
Merman marinade.

Should we even attempt big foot, the yeti or Nessi?

Ciao for now,


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