Quick n’ easy porkchops with leftovers!


I’ve been meaning to share with you about how this dish was made. Now I’m finally getting around to it. So these are your standard porkchops, but that’s not panko or just any old  crushed breadcrumbs… No sir-ee, this is a pork chop dish with a California twist.

breaded pork chops

Would ya just look at that texture… close up lol. Alright, I’ll tell you how it’s done.

Here are the ingredients  you need – these were just basic everyday things I have laying around the kitchen

  • Eggs – to be whisked in a bowl
  • Flour or any coconut or almond flour or whatever corn meal you have around
  • Chips – as in any nacho chips, or Doritos, bag of leftover stale Hot Cheetos, etc
  • Cereal – it could be anything like Kellog’s cereals, Honey Bunches of Oats, rice krispies cereal or any flakes that you crush up in a ziplock bag for outer crust
  • Seasoning! It can be pepper, salt, garlic powder, basic meat seasoning, paprika, etc
  • a working pan to sear and cook your meat
  • baking dish
  • an oven that works – any conventional oven will do (microwaves not included)
  • a knife of some sort and a fork
  • a positive attitude – this is a quick and easy basic dish that will be tasty and you’ll be impressed with yourself that you made a decent meal that actually tastes fancy! So good!

breaded pork chops n veggiesbreaded pork chops n veggies I


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 420 degrees F.
  2. Take out your porkchops from the fridge (or, if they were frozen in the freezer, you have to thaw them out first to work with them)
  3. Crack a couple of eggs in a bowl and whisk it with a fork or whisk or whatever utensil you have that’s convenient to whisk (i’ve used a chopstick before too). You can also mix in whatever sauce you want with the whisked egg.
  4. Put some chips or cereal in a ziplock bag and mash em’ up into smithereens
  5. Put some flour on a plate (could be flour, flourless flour, almond flour, whatever) and add seasonings and spices with the flour.

Cooking Steps:

  1. Take the porkchop and dip it in the egg whisked mix
  2. Then take the egg-soaked porkchop slab and dip it in the spices+flour seasonings
  3. Cover on top of that with the smashed cereal+chips (aka your makeshift breadcrumbs lol)
  4. In the pan, heat your oil (I use olive oil) on medium to high heat until hot. Add the covered chops; cook until browned on both sides. Reduce heat to medium; cook about 5minutes. You can cook for 10minutes until completely cooked, but I like to bake it toward the end so I stop after 5minutes and then throw it in the oven afterward to cook the rest through in the oven.
  5. So put the porkchops in a baking pan (I usually cover it in foil) and spray with a cooking oil. Bake at 425 degrees F for around 10-20minutes or until fully cooked.
  6. Slice, stab or poke a slab of the porkchop and see if cooked. Taste test it! You’re done and ready to eat that thing now.
  7. Enjoy!

breaded pork chops n veggies I

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