Potato Salad with a Tasty Twist

Dear Katherine,

Potatoes are something I think about when I think of a hearty meal. I’m far from Irish, but my mom has thrown in several potatoes in so many Asian dishes like curry, stew, soup, meat and potatoes, hash browns, eggs and potatoes, you name it, potato’s in it. I actually miss my mom’s Asian potato soup dish. It’s nothing like American potato soup, it’s a lot cleaner and not as creamy. Haha, I’ll have to share that recipe with you another day, but the day is not today. Anyway, I guess the potato is something that, in a sense, almost symbolizes home for me. So I’m excited to share this with you.

So~ I loved your roasted potatoes post so much! I always broil/bake my potatoes, but this time I boiled mine. You know how potato salads are a pretty simple to make? Well, I’ve thrown in a tater twist or two to this classic dish. I mean, it’s a pretty basic (but still delicious) side that’s been a standard staple in any American home. I particularly love making this because you can throw in whatever I want into it (while keeping the spud-ly integrity of the original dish itself) and make it my own. This is new for me though, in that I now have to write it all down, step by step, as I’m sharing it with you and the world. So, in order to KISS it (Keep It Simple Stupid) I will list what I used below, so you can make it too (if you want). Trust me, you’re going to want to make it. It’s really delicious.


  • All you really need is a LARGE BOWL, CUTTING BOARD, KNIFE, SPOON


  • 4 Potatoes. Or, in my case, 8 Baby Potatoes Medley.
  • 2 Carrots. I used 1+1/2 Carrots.
  • 3 Celery Stalks. 
  • 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs.
  • 1 Apple. I used Fuji apple.
  • HAM. Yeah, I used ham aka Canadian bacon, but you can use American bacon too.
  • 1 TSP of SALT, 1 TSP PEPPER & 1 TSP PAPRIKA. I used more pepper & paprika.
  • 1/2 Cup Dijon Mustard. 
  • 1 Cup Mayo. I think I used less than a cup. I used 1/2 cup of mayo.
  • Dill & Chives. Use as much as you’d like to garnish your potato salad dish.




  1. Potatoes. Obviously a great potato salad needs a colorful potato medley (Trader Joe’s has this great medley of mixed potatoes – purple, red, regular – and I used 8 of them because they’re smaller than normal sized potatoes, but you can use 3 regular potatoes). You can peel them, but I kept these peels on as they’re baby taters and then I just placed those colorful tots in a pot of boiling water (BOIL FOR 15-17MIN or until they’re semi-soft and easily slice-able with a knife, whatever texture you prefer).
  2. One Carrot. I added one and a half carrots – please note that I boiled the carrots with the potatoes around 10minutes in to cook nicely – it only takes about 5-8 minutes to cook in the pot with the potatoes. It was perfect texture because the density of the carrots is a bit higher than potatoes, if you throw the carrots in a little after the potatoes, you get the perfect firmness and you can take them out at the same time too. I don’t think it matters if you throw them all in at once, it just depends on what texture you want.
  3. Three Celery Stalks. I had a couple stalks of celery that I washed and cut into small bridges. Celery stalks always look like little bridges when you cut them up.

    This is what it steps 1-3 looks like chopped up & thrown in a bowl.
  4. Two Eggs. Hard-boiled eggs are great – I had 2 hard-boiled eggs that I chopped up.
  5. One Apple. This is twist numero uno because you don’t normally find apples in a potato salad, but it actually brings a natural sweetness to this dish and it’s not just potatoes in the mix. I used one Fuji apple, but I think any sweet apple such as a Pink Lady, Gala, Honey, or Jazz apple will do. If you prefer a more tart taste, use a Green apple too. When chopping the apples, make sure they’re cut around the same size as the potatoes. I love the surprise on people’s faces when they taste my potato salad and bite into it thinking it’s a potato, but then get delighted/surprised when it’s actually a juicy and delicious apple! This is what makes it fun.

    3 Add in mayo and dijon mustard
    Katherine! I’m using your spoon. It’s so handy and I love it. Grazie!
  6. HAM. This is ingredient twist number two not normally found in a traditional potato salad. I used two slices of ham, but really, you can always go ham on the ham and cut up more. Slice them in thin long strips, or chop them into squares. It’s really up to you.
  7. ONE TEASPOON of SALT, 1TSP PEPPER & 1TSP PAPRIKA. I used lemon pepper and salt, but I put less salt in and added more pepper and paprika. To be honest, I like dumping in a lot of pepper and paprika this dish, but it’s really up to you. 3 add black pepper and paprika
  8. 1/2 Cup Dijon Mustard. You can really play around with the amount here.
  9. 1 Cup Mayo. You can give or take the amount of mayo you want to put in. If you want a creamier potato salad, by all means be my guest and add more mayo. I’m more of a mustard person, so I mixed in minimal mayo and more mustard.
  10. Dill & Chives. I added a lot to it. A couple of stalks of dill ripped and sprinkled into it as well as a handful of chopped up chives, which really adds freshness to the plate. You can find these at Ralph’s or anywhere really. It just adds a fresh scent, like you’re potato salad was kissed by a plant in the forest and finishes the dish.
  11. EXTRA ADDS – BUT ONLY IF YOU WANT – I did not add these in, but these are additional fun tastes to experiment with: Chopped up pickles, cucumbers, chopped up onions – you can also use pearl onions, sunflower seeds, walnuts and/or raisins. These are all extra things you can add into this dish and as I mentioned before, the kitchen is a great place to have fun experimenting flavors and tastes, so depending on what you like, you might discover something new to add into this medley!
final product
It’s a lot tastier than it looks lol. It was really fresh, creamy and delicious. Try it yourself!
final potato salad eat
As you can see, I’m clearly enjoying this third bite. Because first bites are so overrated and I need to eat this because it’s tasty lol.

I hope you enjoyed my traditional potato salad with a twist! It was tasty and fun to make. I love playing around with this one because you can decide what you want in it.

Can’t wait for next week’s dish… I’ll be salivating until then,



Final Potato Salad
Shades on because I’ve got a bright future! Just kidding. My left eye is temporarily out of order at the moment. I’m shielding it from you! Bye!


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