Pumpkin…it’s all edible

Dear Anne,

Well, not the stem, but ting-a-lings?! This is the first time I have heard of such a cute and delicious treat. Plus, you used corn flakes. Aren’t corn flakes one of the most versatile processed foods?

I told you I used frosted flakes as my pie crust and filled it with a coconut macaroon filling…and I won my company’s bake off. Happy dance!

I’m feeling inch by inch that I am learning something new about cooking or baking each week. From recipe development to the differences among bake, roast and broil this culinarian definitely acquired more culinary knowledge.

This week I had good intentions, Anne. I really did. BUT! I ate the main ingredient fresh out of the oven before I had a chance to experiment and make my recipe. Granted I didn’t have much of an idea in mind except a puree, I still had no restraint and let my will power dwindle and succumbed to the delicious and fresh roast pumpkin.

On the plus side I now know how to properly roast a pie (sugar) pumpkin to perfection so its skin glides off the meat in a way suitable for Hannibal Lecter to make a second skin. Oh, and I made roasted pumpkin seeds too—yum.

To roast the pumpkin, I turned the oven to roast 400 degrees.

Then I rinsed the pumpkin, cut the top off and into two halves. Once that was done, I sorted the seeds. I find it easier to cut the seeds out and then using the spoon as a lever to pick up the tangled mess of pumpkin seeds and orange guts. This method left the seeds and guts intact as opposed to just scooping out the guts.

I put the two pumpkin halves in a ceramic dish and sprayed with PAM cooking spray.

I roasted the pumpkin, which was 3-5 lbs. for 30 minutes. I did not have to poke holes in it with a fork because the cut to it let out the air.

As that roasted, I sorted the seeds. I rinsed them in a colander and then dried them in a towel very well. I put them on a baking sheet with PAM spray, salt and fennel seeds. I roasted these in the same 400-degree oven once the pumpkin was done. It took about 25 minutes. Enjoy!

My mom ate all the seeds as we watched Halloween Wars…

Ciao for now.


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  1. dtills says:

    This is my favorite time of year, I love all things pumpkin! Thanks for sharing:)


    1. PlateByState says:

      We love that you love pumpkin too! Thank you for your love and support!

      Liked by 1 person

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