Candied Sweet Potatoes + Mini Marshmallows!

Howdy Katherine,

Wow! It seems like a decade since I’ve written… But boy, does it feel good to write!

I’m sorry that you had to suffer through the corneal ulcer. Life definitely tends to have a way of throwing us some curveballs, doesn’t it? Things like the flu or a corneal ulcer can definitely throw us off. I’m glad your eyeball is excellent and no longer suffering. Also, everyone should try your cranberry chia seed jam because that looks and sounds so tasty! It sounds like something I would spread on my toast or atop some breakfast pancakes!

Anywho~ life has been pretty exhausting on my end as well – what with my brother and my mother’s surgery, the busiest season of the year, the California wild fires and a slew of other things, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve got my hands full. Although it may get stressful in living our lives, I’m glad that we can still commit to writing to each other, even when it gets stressful. Sometimes, I think that discipline is important for anything. I really appreciate you in that you keep me accountable, and I’m really happy to be able to write and make still dedicate some time to creating delightful dishes in December, despite all of the distractions and disasters that might occur in my immediate life.

That being said, people may think “candied sweet potatoes” are a thing reserved just for Thanksgiving, but it is a favorite dish of mine that I like to eat for Christmas too. Normally, people either use canned yams or orange sweet potatoes, but I used white sweet potatoes, and it was actually a lot less sweet and had a nicely mixed texture that paired well with the brown sugar and mini marshmallows. I’ll leave you with some simple instructions, because I did this entire recipe in under 60 minutes. Enjoy!

Simple Ingredients:

  • 3 Sweet Potatoes, medium sized – but, if you’d like to save time, you may swap them out for a can or two of sweet potatoes or yams. I thought about this, and I don’t see why you couldn’t also just use regular potatoes sliced into circles.
  • 1 Cup of BROWN SUGAR! *you can also use maple syrup!*

Simple Instructions: (With Photos)

1. Set the oven to 400 F degrees! Gather all of your ingredients and start peeling your potatoes. 
2. Peel your sweet potatoes and start slicing them into circles. You can cut it in half first. 


3. Start placing the cut pieces of sweet potato into your oven-safe baking dish. Layer them on top! 4. Cut up the butter into small squares (or triangles) and place them on top of the sweet potatoes.
5. Sprinkle the brown sugar on top of the sweet potatoes and butter squares/triangles.


6. Pour all of the little mini marshmallows atop the sweet potato, butter piece and brown sugar.
7. Sprinkle on the cinnamon and nutmeg. You can put as much spice in as you like. I like a lot of cinnamon because obviously, it is my favorite spice. The more cinnamon, the merrier, I say! Well… By this time, the oven should be ready and preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
8. Leave the dish in the oven for 30 minutes. Or at least until marshmallows are brown…
8. Continued… and the sweet potato is cooked all the way through and seeping with tasty juices
9. Test some of the dish to see if everything is cooked to your perfection. Let it cool a bit though! 


10. The sweet potatoes retained their texture and consistency while the marshmallows and brown sugar melted and melded the flavors so beautifully… I nearly burned my mouth tasting it!

I hope you’re able to satisfy your sweet tooth with this sweet dish that is, in my humble and honest opinion, both an appetizer, a main dish and a delightful dish of a dessert. 🙂 

Hope you remain happy in creating both old and new recipes, and also try a very simple and sweet dish for your next December meal.

Until next time, stay hungry, stay happy, have a great appetite and whatever else we use nowadays to sign off lol,


















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