A new chapter

Dear Anne,

You must be excited to be leaping into a new phase without any shackles. I’m excited for you and hope you take this time to dig into, mentally and emotionally, what your next steps are for your short term and long term plans.

I cant request this of you to do. I can only ask you to consider it. I think you should take some time now that you have exited the corporate grind that was draining you and ponder about what you want and want to do and more importantly what you need and need to do. It would be beneficial to look deep within–without a book, without music, without Olive or Brian–and listen to what you need in all facets of your personal, professional and Plate by State dreams.

I know you want Plate by State to be something. It would be nice if it could. There is potential for sure, and of course, a great name that could penetrate not only the 50 states, but people’s state’s of emotion and mind when it comes to food, nourishment, health and wellness.

I mentioned this concept to you in passing, but will stir it up again here. I could see a first arm of PbS catering to the curious, active and nostalgic home cooks. Have you heard of One Table? It is a non profit that gives money to be spent on food to encourage participation in Shabbat. I had wanted to participate as a host, but it is too difficult to throw together a meal, host people and clean and shop when I work regular hours; I’ve only ever gone as an attendee who brought red wine. I actually did inquire if they allowed for Shabbat brunches  and they don’t ( at least not at this time, perhaps it is in their roadmap). I only tried because the famous Russ & Daughters Cafe has a Shabbat brunch.

I was a little miffed, but I can host my own parties, dinners, brunches if I really wanted to, right? Well, yes. Of course, I could, but what if PbS was another version of bringing togetherness to the table? I thought why not the Italian Sunday dinner ritual?

I read this great post in The New Yorker: Crying in H Mart . What can we (PbS) do to foster a little more of that nostalgic, comforting home life and to have that experience shared by friends and more? Maybe nothing, maybe something. It is an avenue I am willing to explore. I just can’t keep punting letters back and forth because I want more of a business be it for or not for profit. I want to learn and get dirty in this arena. Afterall, this is what we went to school for. I’ve started it for other things and those are solo, like my freelance writing, but in this instance there are two of us with time, hopes and dreams. Willing to go forth or step back.

Have a think and reflect.

Ciao for now.



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