About Us

In a nutshell:

We’ve commandeered an empty truck and driving head on to show that home cooking isn’t a lost art in our millennial generation. We’re collecting and reconnecting the dishes that bring life, commerce and community to our markets, fields, towns, cities and streets. We’re making dishes blossom in our kitchen so the fledgling millennial can turn to us to learn a dish and impress a date and also so the world knows we don’t just purchase PSL’s and avo toast.

The simple dish: We write blog letters from one coast to the other. So, plop your buns at our table and follow the adventure, plate by state, as we cook & eat our way through the millennial kitchen.

About Katherine

Katherine Olivia I

Katherine is straight up the real deal. East coast born and bred, she also absolutely loves bread (dipped in Italian olive oil and spices). She’s witty, straight-forward, quirky, smart and beautiful. Katherine’s mantra: America bite by bite.

About Anne


Anne enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, being serenaded in the park and basically anything to do with good food, fun and friends…and puppies!

The concept:

Two heads are better than one.

So who in the world are we? KatherAnne formed during our time living, working and studying in London, England during the year 2015. Coming from two opposite ends of the U.S. coast, Katherine (East coast beast coast) and Anne (West coast best coast) had great pride for their respective states. But their love of hockey, farmer’s markets and all things delicious brought these two foodies and world travellers together to create this wonderful site. Plate By State is just a byproduct of their zest for life, love of written words and strong relationship with food.


Our mission:

We will add quirk, critique and a genuine love for food to the point where we’d gain a little around the waistline. We’re dedicated to the passion, camaraderie and history of food and how we can connect the dishes of our nation to our millennial peers.