Lux truffle oil fries

Today we are rethinking those decadent treats one indulges in during the holidays and snow days. We’re putting the oven on bake and creating some handcrafted truffle fries with cheese and garlic.

Candied Sweet Potatoes + Mini Marshmallows!

There’s just something about a dish that’s both sweet and savory (but mostly sweet) that can be served as an appetizer, a main or a dessert that makes it so enticing. This might be too sweet to some, but it is perfectly appealing to me and I have always loved this dish since I can remember. I hope you love this classic dish too.

Cranberry chia seed jam

Anne, what is better than a tart cranberry chiaseed jam on a crisp autumny-wintery night? I made in a dutch oven in under 30 minutes too!

Apples & Pears atop a Cinnamon Butternut Squash

What do you think about a squash being speared by fruits? Well, I wanted to see what it looked like so there’s a version where I spear the squash and another one where I just nicely place it atop the squash. You can see and try this dish for yourself. Experimentation is your best friend. Go and play!

Sauteed asparagus & bacon

Warm up the table with a twist on brussel sprouts and bacon. Instead of brussel sprouts we’re using asparagus and red wine.