Going Baloney for Bologna Macaroni

This might sound like baloney, but that’s because I’m bringing all the bologna back to this mac-aroni-attack! Also, my cheese grater wasn’t the “grate-st” (sorry for the extra cheese pun) but I HAD to have ALL FIVE CHEESES in this. I really wanted to try to make it as delicious and smothered in cheese as possible.

Chickpea mash

Tired of corn and potatoes? Well, with more chickpeas being grown in the wheat belt of the Pacific NW, we are bringing you a twist on the mash and the smashed…chickpea style.

Potato Salad with a Tasty Twist

Potatoes are something I think about when I think of a hearty meal. I guess the potato is something that, in a sense, almost symbolizes home for me. I’m far from Irish, but my mom has thrown in several potatoes in so many Asian dishes like curry, stew, meat and potatoes, hash browns, eggs and potatoes, you name it, potato’s in it. I actually miss my mom’s Asian potato soup dish. It’s nothing like American potato soup, it’s a lot cleaner and not as creamy. Haha, I’ll have to share that recipe with you another day, but the day is not today.

Potatoes: Baked, broiled & roasted

Who knew potatoes could taste so differently when using roast, bake and broil? The finished product looks the same…but which tastes better??